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KANI (KAH-nee) 1. n. Hawaiian word meaning sound or noise of any kind; pitch in music. 2. vt. To satisfy a need, particularly thirst; to drink.

The Langley Ukulele Workshop has always been a platform for new, creative approaches to teaching and learning ukulele. Kani, the 2013 edition of the workshop, continues this tradition with many exciting features including:

Click here for more information on these and other workshop features. Also take a look at this year's workshop schedule. You'll find a five-star mix of leveled workshops, general sessions and special presentations.

In a Nutshell...

Essentially, the Langley Ukulele Workshop is your annual shot-in-the-arm of ukulele learning. Regardless of your level of experience you'll enjoy new songs, new techniques and fresh perspectives on ukulele playing and teaching. You'll meet new people and share ideas. And it's all under one roof: from first-timers to advanced players, Langley is the place to be this fall for all things ukulele!

I invite you to join me, J. Chalmers Doane, Paul Luongo, Kendra Simonetto, Jim D'Ville and Guido Heistek at Kani, the 2013 Langley Ukulele Workshop!

See you in October,

James Hill
Director, Langley Ukulele Workshop

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