Complete the following questionnaire to access your FREE Ukulele Program Starter Kit!
Ukulele Program Starter Kit

Need help starting a ukulele program? Simply complete the following questionnaire to get instant access to your FREE Ukulele Program Starter Kit . The kit gives you tools and information to make your ukulele program a reality.

Your FREE Ukulele Program Starter Kit includes:

Top Ten Reasons to Start a Ukulele Program
Free Stuff: Starting on a Shoestring
What Now? Five Steps to Success
The Ukulele in the Classroom Story: Fifty Years in the Making...
Testimonials: What People Are Saying About the Ukulele in the Classroom Series
Teacher Resources & Support: Join a Caring Community of Like-minded Educators
Ukulele in the Classroom Method Book Price List
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

For free, printer-friendly sample lessons, click here.

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